We offer a variety of comprehensive programmes which are suitable for new or experienced sales staff, managers and anyone who has contact with buyers and consumers. The contents of each course are selected from an extensive list of modules according to the requirements of the target audience. All courses are designed to provide the skills necessary to become a Customer Service Professional and will benefit anyone in the flooring and furnishing industry irrespective of previous training or experience.

Customer Service Training - 1, 2 or 3 Day Programme

Will be selected from the modules listed below depending on duration

  • Programme content determined by Client.

Customer Service Training Modules

Why Customer Service?

  • What is Customer Service?
  • What does it involve?
  • Why is it so important?
  • How Customer Service has changed.
  • What do your Customers want.
  • Creating positive points of contact.
  • Understanding your Customer.
  • All staff contribute to Customer Service.

Creating a Positive Service Experience

  • Treating your Customer as a partner.
  • Developing a positive attitude.
  • Communication is the key to Customer Service.
  • Talking to Customers.
  • Methods of measuring standards of service.
  • Designing a programme.
  • Developing a Customer Service List.
  • Taking small steps.
  • The cost of an unhappy Customer.
  • Turning complaining Customers into long-term Customers.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Customer service as a way of life.

Providing Service with Integrity

  • Viewing Customers positively.
  • Building an emotional connection.
  • Actively listening to your Customers.

Dealing with Challenging Customers

  • Why Customers get upset.
  • Dealing with Customer emotions.

Solving Customer Problems

  • Managing Customer expectations.
  • Solving problems when they arise.
  • Dealing with the Customer who is wrong.
  • Handling angry Customers.
  • Giving bad news.
  • When you can't satisfy a Customer.
  • Customers who will only talk to the Managing Director.

Helping Customers on the Telephone

  • Providing one voice for your Customers.
  • Transferring the Customer.
  • Using the hold button.

Becoming a Customer Service Professional

  • What makes a Customer Service professional?
  • Keeping a strong and positive attitude all day long.

The Team Approach to Customer Service

  • Developing team strategies.
  • Delivering outer circle service.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling.

The Importance of Goodwill

  • How important is it to you?
  • Developing an action plan.
  • Winning Customers from competitors.


  • Telephone techniques.
  • Why good telephone technique is important.
  • The impression we give to our Customers.
  • The company's image.
  • Voice control and tone.
  • Telephone behaviour.
  • Dealing with difficult Customers.
  • Avoiding confusion.