The most important buying consideration for the overwhelming majority of consumers is colour and design - "What will it look like on my floor?" Unless the subject of colour and design is covered to the satisfaction of the Customer, it is also the number one reason for a sale to be lost. Our training provides a good working knowledge of a subject that, once understood, really will make a difference to you and your Customers!

Understanding and Selling with Colour - 1 Day Programme

Course Overview

  • Colour And Colour Space.
  • The Colour Wheel.
  • Colour Characteristics.
  • Importance of Colour In Our Interior Environment.
  • Psychological And Physiological Impact Of Colour.
  • Applied Colour Principles In Interior Design.
  • Co-ordinating Colour In A Room Scheme.
  • Using Neutrals.
  • Working With Pattern.
  • Colour And Lighting
  • Colour Systems.
  • Historical Colour Palettes.
  • Colour Trends And Forecasting.
  • Colour And The Computer.