Course Outline

We offer a variety of comprehensive programmes which are suitable for new or experienced sales staff, managers and anyone who has contact with buyers and consumers. The contents of each course are selected from an extensive list of modules according to the requirements of the target audience. All courses are designed to provide the skills necessary to become a Customer Service Professional and will benefit anyone in the flooring and furnishing industry irrespective of previous training or experience.


In-house only. This programme can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual companies. For information about IN-HOUSE training please telephone 01480 471476 or click on the IN-HOUSE TRAINING tab to the left of this page.

Who will benefit?

A programme can be created to suit the needs of new or experienced staff. The content and duration can be adjusted to make it suitable as an induction programme for new staff or the skills development of experienced ones. The programme content can be selected to suit specific job functions.


By the end of the course the delegates will:

  • Have an understanding this subject relevant to his or her job and the needs of the business.


The course is based on practice and participation with formal teaching kept to a minimum. The concepts are reinforced by exercises which are relevant to the individual's job function.