Without the help and support of certain individuals and companies, The Diploma in Retail Floorcoverings would not exist.

Information has been provided from many sources and we have tried to acknowledge these wherever possible.

We are particularly indebted to the companies listed on this page.

Curragh Tintawn Carpets Ltd

The Curragh-Tintawn Carpet Company has been making Irish carpets in our mill in County Kildare, Ireland for more than 60 Years. Established in the 1940's as a division of Irish Ropes plc, to manufacture carpets by using sisal fibre spun for the ropes division. This sisal product was known under the brand name Tintawn. Curragh-Tintawn specialises in the production of high quality wool and wool blend carpets. Great emphasis is placed on design and product innovation, with continuous product improvement being carried out on a planned and controlled basis. Curragh-Tintawn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Axminster Carpets Group of Companies, which is based in Axminster, Devon, England.