Without the help and support of certain individuals and companies, The Diploma in Retail Floorcoverings would not exist.

Information has been provided from many sources and we have tried to acknowledge these wherever possible.

We are particularly indebted to the companies listed on this page.

Kahrs (UK) Ltd

Kahrs produces an extensive range of wood floors in numerous timbers, thicknesses and patterns. Based on Kahrs original ‘parquet’ design – invented and patented in 941 – all floors feature a multi-layered construction for stability and a choice of satin lacquer or oiled prefinish for durability and easy maintenance. Floors can be laid on practically any dry, level surface; Kahrs Woodloc® joint - a self-locking, glueless jointing system - allows the boards to be automatically ‘locked’ into place, giving a faster installation and perfect results. The joint also enables damaged boards to be easily replaced or the entire floor taken-up and re-laid elsewhere, if required. Kahrs standard range is offered with a 30 year guarantee and Kahrs Linnea range, a 12 year guarantee. For further information, please contact Kahrs (UK) Ltd on 023 9245 3045 or visit our website.