Without the help and support of certain individuals and companies, The Diploma in Retail Floorcoverings would not exist.

Information has been provided from many sources and we have tried to acknowledge these wherever possible.

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Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets was founded by George Walter Wilson in Northern Ireland in 1938. To this day the company is still privately owned and professionally managed. Ulster Carpets has taken the positive attributes associated with being a family-owned establishment and combined them with a forward thinking, global approach to business. The result is a technologically advanced, service-driven company with flair, flexibility and a passion for quality. Every carpet designed and woven by Ulster Carpets is tangible proof of the values we hold to be important in our business - values, which have become a way of life within the company. This powerful blend of people skills, technical capabilities and creativity has helped to make Ulster Carpets a significant force in the international carpet market.