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Be inspired by Heuga flooring! Heuga Home Flooring is committed to creating innovative and design-led flooring products. At Heuga we describe our modular flooring as ‘carpet in a box’ to demonstrate the true flexibility of carpet tiles. The latest Heuga ranges are guaranteed to bring design flair, modern colours and classic textures to people’s homes. Whether it’s contemporary or classic, Heuga offers creative solutions for every type of home. Why Choose Heuga Carpet Tiles? Versatile and Flexible – because it is smart enough to add style to your living room, yet takes the knocks of being in your kitchen, Heuga is the most versatile and flexible soft flooring option. Easy to fit – laying Heuga tiles is simple. No mess, little wastage and nothing is permanent. Simple maintenance - Should a tile become marked then simply pull up the tile and wash it. Alternatively swap the tiles around to where a mark won't be too obvious or replace the tile with a new one. Creativity - Your home is yours and Heuga lets you express yourself through its inherent flexibility. With an exciting range of colours, styles, textures and patterns you are in control. Durability and Quality - Heuga flooring is backed by a 7-years guarentee. That is because we have confidence in the quality of the fibres, the strength of the backing and the ability of our product to meet your demands. Hard wearing, long lasting and stain resistant - Heuga sets the standards. Cost effective - No other domestic floor covering can provide the value for money that Heuga does. You buy what you need so there's little wastage and it's easy to fit so no expensive tools, adhesives or specialist fitters will be required. Alternatively, if you would like some help, a Heuga retailer is always nearby.